The Journey

The Brightest Rough

We hand select the brightest rough and eliminate 99.1% of diamonds due to haziness or large, natural inclusions.

We Cut For Beauty

Not for profit margin or Carat weight. We cut and polish to perfect the 4C's.'

Object Validation

Our diamonds are scanned and graded by a third party company to validate that the Bright Crystal Diamond is a brighter diamond than 96% of the world’s diamonds.

Journey Diamond

Rigorous Selection

We hand select one or two diamonds from our $70 million polished diamond inventory and then send them to the most ethical jewelers.

Consumer Selection

After experiencing this educational process, you are ready to hand select your perfect diamond with the most ethical jeweler.

Why do seemingly identical diamonds
have a 70% difference in price?


The Bright Crystal Diamond is an affordable brand that is brighter.

Price Difference

Row Three

The Difference is in The Crystal 

We closely analyze the inherent quality of the original rough to distinguish that our diamonds come from the most brilliant natural crystals. 

Before the diamonds are cut and polished, any that contain haziness or large natural inclusions are eliminated from the selection process. 

The Crystal Difference

We Cut for Beauty

Cutting is an Art Form that has been Mastered by our Family who
has been a Market Leader Since 1972. 

Industry standard for cutting diamonds uses 10x power loupe
We may use 30x-100x power loupe because we have higher standards,
creating the Shiniest Diamond in the Room 

Scientifically & Objectively
Validated to be Brighter

Millions of the world's diamonds have been scanned and analyzed by 360's third party high performance technology. 360's imaging technology delivers consistent and reliable results.



70% of the world's diamonds are rated from Good to Fair in Light Performance 

Sparkle Fair


96% of Bright Crystal Diamond's are rated from Good to Excellent in Light Performance 

Sparkle Excellent

360 Vision Diamond

Gemprint Logo


Every Bright Crystal Diamond has been scientifically scanned and graded with a new machine to market that takes into consideration all of the diamond's natural inclusions (birthmarks). 

Gemprint is the world's leader in diamond identification. A comprehensive diamond report that provides data above and beyond the 4 C's Utilize Science and technology to accurately display the diamond's true characteristics.

Rigorous Selection

  • Approximately, 1 Billion naturally polished diamonds are  produced each year. 
  • In the entire world 150,000,000 carats are mined annually.
  • 99.1% of the world's diamonds get eliminated because of the rigorous selection process to qualify as the Bright Crystal Diamond.
  • The Hand Selection Process involves Hand Picking 1-2 Polished diamonds from 100’s of diamonds with the same size, color & clarity.

Diamond Boxes

Bright Crystal Diamond

Finally an affordable brand using science and technology to prove its inventory's brilliance while focusing on educating and solving the concerns of the end consumer. 

Gemprint Logo


GEMPRINT® is the world’s most sophisticated, non-invasive, positive identification technology that records the unique optical ‘fingerprint’ of each diamond. Just like a human fingerprint, every diamond has a unique GEMPRINT®. 

Invented in 1976, this patented and proven technology has been used by the FBI and Canadian Government.

Gemprint Features

The World’s Most Sophisticated
Security Identification Technology

Gemprint Discounts